The most anticipated game in the Sims legacy.


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Sims 3 News

 July 21st

I've been on vacation all weekend, so sorry about the news being as late as it is.  An amazing article was written at The Sims Resource by Steve about The Sims 3.  This article can be found here.


July 14th

The Sims 3 Official Trailer has been released!  It can be found here, at the Official EA Site.

Five more screenshots have also been added, and can be found here.

In addition to all the other screenshots, several new CAS screens have been uploaded as well.  You can find those here.


July 13th

 Finally, some new information has arrived!!!  This article is from, and has some old, and a lot of new information in it.  It's a great article to read when you've got nothing better to do!  Click here to go to the article.




June 27th

Ok.  It's been a month now, and there's been no new information about The Sims 3.  The official EA site has not been updated, and there have been no new articles written about the game.  For now, iSims3 will be temporarily inactive until more information is released on the subject at hand.  Thanks for coming to the site, and we'll be returning as soon as The Sims 3 becomes more widely announced.



June 2nd

Sorry it's been so long.  The site was experiencing some technical difficulties.

You've probably all already seen the new screenshot from The Sims 3, but I've posted it below for anyone who hasn't.  Click here for a bigger picture.


May 18th

It's been a while since new Sims 3 information has been posted!  There's a lot of good information at GamerZine.  Not much new, but it gives a lot of in-depth details on the game!  You can find it here.
The main Sims 3 site has been inaccessible lately.  I've been wondering if they're updating it.  Hopefully we'll have more information on that soon! 


May 8th

A new article onThe Sims 3 was released by the BBC earlier today.  It contains an interview with Nancy Smith, the Global President of The Sims at EA Games.  Read the interview here.

April 30th

Finally, some more information on The Sims 3!

This one contains a new article on the game as an interview with Rod Humble.  It sheds a little more light on some aspects of the game, and also the past and future of The Sims label.  Read this article here.

Another article that talks about how The Sims are taking over the world can be found here


April 22nd

Happy Earth Day everyone! released a very interesting article on The Sims 3 that focuses on how moodlets and traits will shape Sims' characteristics.  Read that here. also released an article on The Sims 3.  Less informative, but nonetheless it's still interesting!  Read that here.


April 19th

There hasn't been much information released on The Sims 3 lately.  There is, however, a great article released by New York Times that talks about the growth of the Sims Franchise.  Read it here.

April 13th released an article on The Sims 3 with a few quotes from Ben Bell and Nancy Smith.  Find it here.

April 11th

Los Sims 3 has released an english translation of a Spanish Sims magazine.  Read it here, or find it at its source.  There's quite a few little details included in the translated text.

Site News: We have remodeled the What We Already Know Page.  Check it out!


April 9th

 Yahoo Games has release a Q & A with Executive Producer, Ben Bell.  Read all about it here.


April 8th released an interesting article about The Sims 3 prototype: 

"You're in charge of the second most popular videogames franchise in the western world in recent years. Your studio produces a game so big - both in terms of sales and in terms of cachet - that it's actually become a label in its own right within the world's biggest third-party publisher. In total, it's sold 95 million pieces of software in twenty-two languages since its inception, and come to think of it, it's the only PC gaming property that's actually bigger than Blizzard's Warcraft juggernaut."  Read more here.


April 7th

We've added a new page: 1Up Q & A.  It's got the answers to 5 questions asked by the 1Up Sims 3 community.


April 6th has set the release date of The Sims 3 at March 31st, 2009.  See it here.

PC Authority has released an article that I do not believe has been in circulation.  Find that article here


April 5th

 The Official Danish Sims 2 Site has released a set of 3 wallpapers for The Sims 3.  Click the link to download.


April 4th

The Sims 3 site remains yet to be updated! 

There have been no new releases for The Sims 3, other than a Russian article that can be found here.


March 31st

PC Gameplay has released an article on The Sims 3.  Thanks



March 28th

Well, not much happened over there at the main site.  In fact, nothing happened at all.  It doesn't really surprise me though.  We probably won't find out a whole lot more for at least a month at the rate we're going.

Our What We Already Know page has been updated with information from Gamestar, courtesty of InfiniteSims.

March 26th

There really haven't been any Sims 3 updates in the past week.  Hopefully EAxis will update the main Sims 3 site on Thursday, like they do to the Sims 2 site every Thursday.  Tomorrow may bring new information, or it could just be yet another disappointment from EAxis.

Who knows?

March 21st

A new wallpaper has been found on the BBS.  Click here for the link.

March 20th

CapitalSims has released 2 wallpapers for our enjoyment.


Gamestop has also announced a pre-order release.  Their's is set for April 7th, 2009, and that date is also quite likely to change.  It has been priced at $49.99, which could actually be true.  The Sims and The Sims 2 were both sold at the same price upon release.


Amazon has released a pre-order for The Sims 3.  It is set for January 1st, 2009, but that date is quite unlikely, as it is hard to know so far in advance what the release date actually will be.  There is no price included.

Source: InfiniteSims (for both)

A brief recap . . .

The release of much anticipated The Sims 3 is said to be in early 2009.  If this holds true, than we're less than a year from the release of what could possibly be the most amazing game in the history of gaming altogether.  Not much is known yet about this amazing game, except for everything listed on the "What We Already Know" page found to the left of this column.  We will work to keep you updated on new and exciting information about The Sims 3, along with and other various fansites.

The Sims 2 was released approximately four years ago, on September 17th, 2004.  This game was revolutionary to the way our sims live their lives.  It add a TON more features than had been included in The Sims.  It was a dramatic step forward, and the game entertained thousands for hours on end.  Then came the release of the first expansion pack: University.  This game added a new age group called "Young Adults" who would then attend the newest element to the game: college.  After another six months or so, Nightlife was released, adding downtown and cars to the game.  Open for Business added the most unique element to the game: owning business of all kinds, from toy shops to real estate offices to beauty salons, this game was definitely the most innovative in the way we play the game.

Then Pets came out.  Pets was the most disappointing game of them all in most simmers' eyes.  Nonetheless, the new atomic furniture and the ability to have the cute furry animals running around sims' homes everywhere was something that many had longed for.  Seasons then hit the shelves on February 27th, 2007.  This game added the elements of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter to the game.  With snow, rain, sunburn, and falling leaves, this game added many new and surprising elements to the already amazing Sims 2 game.  Bon Voyage was released seven months later, and after purchasing this expansion pack, sims were able to take themselves on luxury vacations to far away destinations.
The most recent Sims 2 expansion pack was FreeTime.  This game added hobbies to sims' lives, and with hobbies came tons of new elements to the game, including sewing, pottery, birdwatching, basketball, football, dancing, and so forth.  Now, we await the arrival of the next generation of Sims games: The Sims 3 


 MARCH POLL RESULTS - "Are you excited for The Sims 3?"

I can't wait any longer! recieved 56% of the votes (118)

No, absolutely not. recieved 1% of the votes (2)

77% of people are looking forward to it, while 23% are unsure or do not want anything to do with the game.



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